Thursday, February 28, 2019

Snowmageddon 2019

The winters tend to be fairly mild here in the PNW... so when we saw that snow was in our forecast, for multiple days... we got a little taste for being back east. There are two distinct types of people... the kind that stock up on just about anything and everything at the grocery store believing that a snowpocolypse is on its way.... and the kind that do their normal grocery shopping and anticipate the possibility of a quarter of the amount of what's predicted, will fall from the sky... We fall in the latter category of people. I did my normal grocery run a couple of days before (stocked up on a couple of extra just in case items)... but were hopeful we'd get a little bit of something... and ended up getting more than what we anticipated...

We had a little bit of snow fall early in the week, which caused a delayed opening... but the majority of the snow that was supposed to fall, was scheduled to arrive on a Friday afternoon... and it came. The girls were let out early from school (before the roads got too slick), and we had a decent amount fall before the sun set that day... the next day we woke up to a wonderland of snow around us, and more falling by the minute. We received even more the following week on Monday, and had a few snow days... in fact, the week of Valentine's Day, the girls were mostly off from school... just Thursday and Friday were delayed openings. According to the news, we accumulated the most snow in February since 1923!

Here are the things I'd like to remember:

- The kids were SO excited about the falling snow... the novelty of the snow, lasted for about 1 full day, and then they were over it.

- We have absolutely NO snow gear... so I'm sure that played a part in the kids not wanting to play in the snow, a bit. They could only hang for about 1 hour max outside, before they wanted to come inside... we can totally do rain, SO much better than snow.

- Finn wins an award for being outside the MOST in the snow.

- This snow was pure packing snow, snowball fights with snowballs the size of our heads, were happening.

-  We lost power a few times... we had loads of branches and a few trees around us come down thanks to holding onto all that snow. You can hear them cracking before the big "boom" happens... scary and crazy... God's way of pruning those trees for sure. The kids surprisingly embraced the power outages... thankfully none lasted more than 5 hours.

- Mable just looked at the snow, and exclaimed, "Mum, 'ook... SNOOOOOOOOOOW." every time she peeked out the windows or played outside. It was literally all she said, on repeat.

- The one morning, when none of the kids wanted to go out and play, Jo still went outside and enjoyed her pancake breakfast. She loves being outside, and the snow didn't stop her.

- We had the flu, and then a viral bug, and then something else on top of one another, back to back... it was awful. Everyone but Charlotte was affected... she's got that Russian tank immune like system.

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