Monday, March 25, 2019

Guest House { weeks 27- 37 }

Since the last update, the guest house saw its first snow... the roof did great, the skylights did great... nothing leaked... and it looked magical tucked in to all that white stuff.

We've had some big progress over the last few weeks with the guest house. The hubby finished EVERYTHING electrical... trenches were dug with a rented ditch witch, piping and electrical line was brought through the piping (I'm sure there's a technical name for that) and everything is connected to the main breaker.

An inspection was ordered since all was complete... and only a few small items needed to be fixed, before we were approved nearly 2 weeks ago. The line can be covered, and all is well on that end.

He built a little roof for over the hot water heater... which the inspector thought, was GENIUS. He actually commented more on that, then he did on the electrical stuff.

The hubby finished all things plumbing and will be running a test to make sure nothing leaks/pours out before the final connect. Once that inspection is approved, we'll be able to start insulating (and ALL the fun stuff can start to happen).

This weekend the hubby rented an excavator to help dig for gas (to run to the tankless hot water heater.) We also hired someone to connect us next week to our propane tank... and then we can order a mechanical inspection.

When typing it all out, it seems like only a little bit was done... but in all reality, it was SO much. These are BIG things that need to get done... and hoping that by the next update, all the inspections will have been approved.

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