Sunday, May 12, 2019

Motherhood 2019

I serve these 5 littles day in and day out... and love them beyond measure... what a joy it is to be their Mama...

Dear Charlotte...
You made me Mama, and for that, I am FOREVER changed... Life looks so different now, with lots of little siblings, but I still remember when it was just YOU and ME... and it was the most precious time. You keep getting bigger and bigger on me. You're pretty close to being just a head away from being eye to eye with me... don't grow up too quickly, lets savor this time a little longer.

Dear Marley,
Mars, life is just colorful with you in it, and bright... very, very bright. You make yourself known, and never back down... you are bold. You question everything these days, as you seek answers, and righteousness. I love how you adore life around you... and that everything that crosses paths with you, knows how wonderful they are, because you tell them...

Dear Finn,
We are at a difficult stage with you right now, as you try and push boundaries and limits, to test us. You never did this, when you were younger (like most do)... so I guess, this is your time. You still have the BIGGEST heart... caring for everyone around you. You've become sensitive and tender in a matter of months... you love so deeply.

Dear Josephine,
It is certain, that we have a feeler on our hands, with you... you feel EVERYTHING and boy do you let us know. You are extreme... extremely happy or extremely sad... extremely patient or extremely careful, etc. When you love... it's extreme... and done with your whole being... and that is beautiful.

Dear Mable,
The amount of sweetness that pours out of you... is overwhelming, in the good way... it just flows and flows. Your "I love you's" are said with such sincerity and heart, they melt us... You naturally follow, and let others take the lead... the one and only in our family to do so.

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