Sunday, June 16, 2019

Papa of 5

Father's Day always sneaks right up, after or around the same time as we celebrate Gotcha Day... That never stops us from celebrating our main man. There's no doubt that my husband was meant to be a Papa of 5... they adore him with all their hearts... as they grow older, his love grows deeper... there is no doubt about that.

For those that are into the enneagram, you'll love knowing that my hubby is an 8... like, he could test again and again, and an 8 he is. A few weeks before Father's Day, an Instagram account that I follow, EnneagramandCoffee, put out a list of gift ideas for Father's Day, based off their numbers... For 8, they stated, "Whiskey or a practical gift they can use." I tried to wrap my head around the whiskey idea... I don't think I've ever watched him drink any hard liquor before... but the practical gift, of course.... tools! Thank goodness for tools that he didn't have yet, but has had his eyes on. He spent the rest of the day, doing what he loves to do, out in the guest house... and of course had to test out the new tools too.

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