Friday, June 14, 2019

Settling In and Growing Deep

Dear Charlotte,

And just like that, we've hit 8 years... 8, 8, 8 is great... Happy 8th Gotcha Day to you precious girl. It has been a year of settling in... Settling into our lives here in Washington, settling in as a family of 7, and settling into what you enjoy doing and how you spend your time... figuring out now that we're planted, how to let our roots grow deep. 

This was a year, where you've begun figuring out "who you are"... and "how you fit/belong". Lots of emotions have come and gone, blowing through in and out like a quick tornado. It can be intense, but we know that it happens as you navigate your way through it all. We're figuring this all out together.

Your love for others is apparent... it is a beautiful, wonderful thing to witness... especially as you age. It looks a little differently year after year... less selfish and more "others before self". It's beautiful to watch with your siblings, and even more so with those around you that you don't even know.

You are heading out of elementary school in a few days, and into Middle School. Just as you settled down into knowing your surroundings and how things "work", it's time to move you along to the next phase of schooling. You have absolutely not one fear in your bones about it. Your excitement, gets us excited for you... Your'e brave and bold, and we can't wait to watch it all unfold.

You've grown to really love singing alongside your choir. You moved from soprano to alto this year, and just like any change that comes to you, you welcomed it. Your voice is maturing, but it's still as wonderful to listen to, as it was the first time we heard you hum a tune.  Loving music has also evolved into you learning how to play ukulele and the xylophone in school... ukulele club was one of the things you loved most about school this year. You even played "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" for the talent show.

Every year that passes, brings us closer and closer to you, and we are ready for another one.

You are such a blessing to us... keep on celebrating life precious child,

Daddy, Mommy, Marley, Finn, Josephine and Mable.

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