Monday, July 15, 2019

Guest House { weeks 45-53 }

It's been two months since the last update... and there has been SO much change on our little guest house. Since the last update, when electrical and plumbing passed inspection... my hubby got straight to work on the insulation stage. That took a little longer than anticipated... we needed to make sure every place (on a wall) that we wanted to hang shelves had some sort of blocking on it, to make drilling into the wall, a lot easier when the time came. The moment he was done, we called the inspector out, and he passed the insulation stage... so right now, we have ALL inspections (other than the final inspection) passed... and that is a huge relief.

Onward we moved along to the shiplapping stage. SO many trips to Home Depot... but worth every trip. The place looks so much lighter with the boards on the wall... and the hubby planned it all out so well, that the lines matched up SO well. It's impressive the amount of detail who put into it, because my brain just doesn't think that way. The loft was done, and the main living space... the bathroom will have to wait until we get a valve in the mail, to finish plumbing out for the bath tub that arrived.

Along with the shiplap, came trim and window framing... he did it so wonderfully, it matches the inside of our home (with the doorways and the windows). I think convinced the hubby to let his littles help me patch up all the tiny nail holes... I mean, their little fingers could get the job done, right? RIGHT. They went to town, and had SO much fun while at it. I helped get all the holes they forgot, and the ones too high for them (which was still a lot)... and then I spent a few days sanding the walls and trim, to a nice smooth finish. Sanding... is such an important step... and if we're going to do this well... I figured I needed to spend a good chunk of time doing it well.

While the hubby has been at it, I finished building the wall to the right of the guest house. There will still be rocks stairs that'll lead the way up to the pavilion... and a natural hot tub is in the future for that space... all with natural landscaping. It's one of my favorite places right now in our yard.

Paint and a good sprayer were purchased... I taped all of the windows, and then left the painting for the hubby... that's where we are at currently. A few coats have gone up.. and a few more will be needed, especially to get those beams as white as they can be (without any yellow-ing showing through). It's exciting to know that lights/sconces/ceiling fan/and the like can be hung soon...

In the midst of it all, we hunted down our flooring. We wanted to match what we had in our house... so I took it on as my challenge, and to save time, by calling our builder in hopes that they had all the information on file from our build. After not hearing back from them via emails and calls for over a week, I finally got a call from the owner, who directed me to his partner that would for sure have all that information on his computer. Just moments later... I had the name of our flooring, what store it was purchased from, the invoice number, the person to talk to at the store.... and a few days later, my hubby brought home all the square footage that we'll need to cover the main living space and the loft. The bathroom will be all tile. Right now the flooring is sitting in the space, getting acclimated.... but I can't wait for it to go down. It's going to pull everything together... make things look more neat and tidy.

Take a good look at the outside the way it is now... by the next update, it'll look totally different...

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  1. I like the bathtub in the yard idea...gonna look into that. I assume the ceiling stays exposed, nice.

    The price of perfection is usually time and materials (when you the cut isn't perfect)...and that will be appreciated as I'm laying on the couch visually checking everything out :).

    The wall is awesome too. Well done!