Monday, August 05, 2019

Dear Finn Mostyn { 5 months }

Dear Finn Mostyn,

... 5 ... you're a whole handful buddy... and we just can't believe it!

Your love for dinosaurs continues on... You've dug deep into the Jurassic World movies, not one part of it frightens you. You call out what kind of dinosaur it is, and a whole plethora of facts about it... and then carry on watching the video. You've started drawing more and more and dinosaurs are still something you refuse to draw, because you want them to be JUST right. You love your dinosaur stencils though, and use those to create many dino field guides. Stapling it all together, is just about your favorite part in creating it.

You started whining a whole lot this year... and we're not quite sure if it's because you were a pretty amazing 2 and 3 year old... so you're making up for it in your 4th year, or what!?! Any little thing can set you off, oftentimes it's when you're exhausted... or hungry... but you're pretty much hungry all the time, so, that's not a good excuse.

So much growth in just one short year. You're taller and bigger than your older sister Marley... you outgrow clothing and shoes in such a short period of time, and are eating us out of our house. You're a snacker... you can eat nonstop if we let you. Mommy had to start regulating the snacks, just so that you'd have room for meals. You could eat your weight in anything that's in chip form... or in the berry family. You suck down your yogurt with your water bottle's straw, and taught the twins how to do the same... to get every last drop out of those containers. You have this habit of chewing on your shirt... like, A LOT... and we have no idea when/how/why that started. You go through most days without a shirt on, because anytime we see a giant water spot around your collar, we know what you've been up to, and make you de-robe. You've shredded some of your nicer shirts, and we just can't support this habit. Perhaps it's also why you love when Daddy sneaks you bubble gum...

Your love for the great outdoors has only grown more and more this year. Exploring new places, digging in our dirt, trips to the beach, and of course creating a place for your dinosaurs to live.... are at the top of your favorite things to do while outside. You grab your breakfast, and head right out... but before you do, you always pack your book bag with a cheese stick, orange, and granola bar. Your book bag, goes everywhere that you go.... but you never have shoes on. You're always forgetting your shoes... or love to go barefoot. The rocky ground doesn't even phase you. You enjoy spying on the bunnies in our yard, creating little forts around the yard, helping Mama plant and dig holes, and always ask Daddy how you can help him in the guest house. You make your rounds daily... wanting to give everyone a little bit of your time, asking that they give a little bit of their time in return.

Your sisters think the WORLD of you... do you annoy them from time to time? yes. You also know when you're in the wrong, and are ALWAYS the first to apologize. You follow along well with your big sisters... but boy oh boy do you love to take the lead when they're at school, and only the twins are around. The twins don't always want to go along with what you want to do, but you usually win them over. You have this sweet, kind, lightheartedness about yourself, that draws people in. That tender side that developed last year, stuck around.

Your snuggles and cuddles are out of this world... anyone would be lucky to receive a hug from you...  anyone would be so lucky as to have you as their buddy...

You are so loved... so, so loved,

Daddy, Mommy, Charlotte, Marley, Josephine and Mable.

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