Sunday, August 18, 2019

Flowers For Sale

Towards the end of summer we were swimming in a sea of flowers over here... and it only felt right to let the littles create a roadside stand to try and sell some of our overstock to our neighbor's painting students (our neighbor is a pretty important painter in this state, and she hosted a weekend of painting classes)... her driveway area was full of cars (we hardly get any traffic up our private road), and the kids were so excited for an opportunity to make some money. We were going to be having some rain for a few days, so I cut down all the blooms that needed to be rescued plus some extras. The littles got busy putting bouquets together, and drawing up signs and creating their little stand. They had 5 people stop and purchase (for donations), and gave away their last 2 bouquets to our neighbors... they had a blast, and it was truly one of the best ways to close out their summer break.

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