Wednesday, August 28, 2019

so many firsts

Summer break came and went all too quickly this year... and now I have a 6th grader (starting middle school) and a 1st grader. Finn could have started Kindergarten, but we decided to keep him at home a little longer... so instead of going into Kindergarten as a fresh 5, he'll begin school as a fresh 6. Although he was bummed not to join the other two with all the "back to school" madness... he loved every minute of shipping off the older two.

Charlotte has been talking about middle school, practically since she started public school in 3rd grade... if she could have gone straight to middle school, give the choice, she would have. She's always been excited about "what's next", instead of just being excited about "what is"... until this morning...  I didn't hear her say, "I'm really excited about 7th grade or high school"... she just led with, "Mom, I'm ready for middle school" and that she was... I replied, "I know... you've been excited and ready for it since you were in 3rd grade." 

Middle school for her looks like, Birkenstocks, cozy skinny jeans, a neutral palette, short hair, and a Jansport book bag. She has such a calm, cool, attitude towards what's to come this year... which is way refreshing for my anxious spirit. She just continues to surprise us, year after year, week after week, day after day. 

Just an hour after we dropped big sister off, it was Marley's turn to head to her first day of first grade. On Monday, we dropped off her supplies at school, and met her teacher during an open house. She seemed lost, and sullen. Man, oh man, was she missing her Kindergarten teacher in that moment. By this morning, she worked up enough courage to get excited for her big day. With this little one, the smallest bits of encouragement go a LONG way... so does a new outfit. She reached for me before heading on the bus... "Mom, I'm going to miss you today..." ... tears streaming down my eyes for the second time this morning, I replied, "I'll miss you just as much.." and then she replied... "But, don't have any fun without me." and hopped right on the bus. 

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