Sunday, September 29, 2019

Dear Charlotte Wray { 12 years old }

Dear Charlotte Wray,

Happy... happy day of celebrating you beautiful girl... our 12 year old girl. I can't believe we're here... just a year before you become a teen... but we won't think about that quite yet, even though you already are.

You're in this awkward stage between wanting to play and wanting to be mature... but I think you're realizing that you can do a little of both. You are understanding sarcasm these days and are throwing it back at us on the daily... it's great. The cheesier the jokes, the better, in your book. To make you laugh, is Finn's everyday goal. You guys can go back and forth with jokes for about 30 minutes, easy.

There's also this serious side to you... that wants to make sure you're heard and not misunderstood. You love others deeply... and the way you serve them (when you do) is beautiful. You want to please others, but have to be careful with that... you want to see the best in people, and want to befriend everyone that crosses paths with you (that hasn't changed)... if someone doesn't seem to have someone talking to them, you do... if someone isn't playing with them, you are... you just naturally gravitate to the person who is by themselves.

You started middle school just a few weeks ago. You my darling, are soaring in middle school... I think it's because it's all about organization, and doing your best. You love the change of classrooms... new settings and new seats for every period keeps you interested and excited to learn. Your goal for this year: not to be absent. That goal made us chuckle, because it was for sure something that is out of your control. You've also been tough on yourself about your grades... we are continually reminding you to "do your best" and that's what counts. In school, you've made a solid group of friends... something we've dreamt for you all these years. We keep praying over these friendships... that you will continue to love on these girl friends and be a light to them.

You started up your third year of choir... and each year, your excitement grows more and more for it. Our little song bird... you sing your way throughout your day, as if your life were a musical. We love how you write your own sings and come up with your own melodies... you can harmonize with just about any song that is thrown at you.

Your interests are still fairly similar... rocks/minerals and gems... creating... and just an all around appreciation for the outside. You never argue when we ask you and your siblings to "go play outside"... instead, you encourage them to join you. You love setting up storefronts and playing "community"... you create paper money for all to use, and think of clever ways for the littles to earn "money". When it comes to the garden, you don't have much enjoyment with planting, or cutting the blooms... or creating the bouquets... but you do like to sell them! Anytime you can interact with a stranger, you are on board.

Your siblings admire you... and look up to you more than ever before. While you're at school or choir, you are missed. This summer, while you were at sleep away youth camp, was the first time we realized we couldn't function as a family, without you... we fell apart without you... or definitely just felt like there were a bunch of holes in our everyday without you in it. It gave us (especially your siblings) a whole new appreciation for you.

You... bring us so much joy.

 We love you sweet Charlotte,

 Daddy, Mommy, Marley, Finn, Josephine and Mable
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