Saturday, August 24, 2019

Summertime Reflection

Usually we try and pack in one new day trip adventure near the end of summer break... adventuring is always good for the soul... and what's better than time together? Aunt Courtney joined us for this one, as we made our way to Bainbridge Island... It's only an hour away from us, but we had never been! Since we pass one of our favorite towns on the way, we of course had to stop for our favorite treat from the bakery, before crossing the bridge and arriving on the island. We didn't really venture in the downtown area too much... lots of people were roaming the streets, and the shopping was a little packed to bring our little kids into the cute shops. We ended up exploring the waterfront near the ferry terminal, picked some blackberry snacks (we do anything to get the good ones up high or far out), played at one of the playgrounds, picked up a pizza dinner and made our way to a fun park on a beach (TONS of driftwood teepees and other fun pieces to explore around). All in all, a sweet bit of summertime reflection...

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