Friday, October 04, 2019

Dear Josephine and Mable { 3 years old }

Dear Josephine and Mable,

Another year... you both are 3!

What a crazy year we've had with you two...  This entire last year was filled with both of you exploring this world, figuring things out (with help or on your own, depending on who we're talking about), talking more and more, expressing yourself more and more... both of you keeping us on our toes. You might share a birthday, but that's about all you share.

Josephine Lane... our sweet sweet Jo... what a personality you have. When you are sweet, you are as sweet as sweet can be... when you are being ornery... man oh man, we want to ship you off to another planet. You are the one who wants to figure EVERYTHING out by yourself... have a very difficult time asking for help. When you figure it out, you're on top of the world, with a huge smile on your face. We try and remember those moments, to help conquer the feelings we feel, when you're stubborn and melting down in a puddle when things don't go your way. Explosive... that's a great word to use to describe those moments.

You often like to take the lead... but when it comes to the dentist, you throw Mable out first to be seen... taking the backseat on those type of experiences. However, when it comes to a new playground, you need to be the first to try out a slide. This brings us to potty training... you haven't yet made one attempt on the potty, but are ecstatic for your sister who is practically training herself... we keep encouraging you to "try" but you just won't budge. Everything is on your time/terms. You run this house.

You could eat cheese sticks, granola bars and chips (with salsa) for days. You really don't have a favorite meal... but you definitely ask for cereal with milk or oatmeal with milk for breakfast, a sandwich for lunch (but only eat the cheese and pickle... you get angry though, if I don't give you the bread and meat to accompany it), and eat whatever is on your plate for dinner. You tend to love things that have more seasoning/flavor than any of your siblings.

You love to play in your kitchen, "cook cook"... and being outside in nature. You could spend hours in the garden with Mommy. You love to pick your own flowers, and dig a million holes. You also learned how to ride your tricycle and are loving scootering around with the bigger kids. The one thing right now that you are OBSESSED with, is wearing your ballet costume, and leaping all over the place. To get you into any outfit, is a chore.... and heaven help us if your ballet leotard is dirty and in the wash.

Mable Oaks... our sweet sweet Maybe Baby... you certainly are our little peanut... our silly, lovable, gentle, cuddly little peanut. You have this way of making us stop at whatever we are doing, to give you all of our attention. You are one of the only ones in the house, that will follow along, willingly. If you ask someone to play... they play. Whatever book you want to read, someone will read it. If you ask someone to get you a snack, they get you a snack. Your voice... your soft, kind voice gets you whatever you like.

You often watch, and then follow... but every so often, you're bold to do something first... like potty training. Mommy has been so reluctant to get you girls potty trained, but you always ask to go potty, and do a fine job. We're going to start letting you wear big girl unders soon, because clearly you're ready. I suppose that's all the "baby" that's left in you... you gave up your pinky before your sister... and this the last step. You do so well, when your sister makes you go first at places like the dentist office or the doctor's office. You show Jo how it's done, and always say, "It's ok Jo..." encouraging her through whatever it is that you just went through.

You are a snacking queen. "I want something to eat" comes out of your mouth at least 20+ times a day... we have to remind you to use your manners and ask politely. You can eat your weight in anything cheese... cheese cracker bunnies, cheese sticks, etc. You love to sneak a spoonful of peanut butter if given the chance. You love any soup, and spaghetti with meat sauce. We're not really sure where you pack all the food you eat... you're still our tiniest.

You love to create with your big sisters. You color and cut with scissors like the best of them. You think tape is the BEST thing on the planet. When we're outside, you're always collecting things... rocks, sticks, shells, flowers, etc. and putting them in a pretty little pile display or pattern. You are OBSESSED with bugs, animals, etc.... anything that's alive and moves. When you see a spider, you yell, "PIDER" and instead of running away from it, you run to it, to save it before someone else kills it. You can play with a caterpillar for hours if we let you. You're just completely fascinated by how they move and climb up on the sticks that you set out for them.

The joy that you two bring us, way outweighs the amount of chaos and crazy you add to our daily... 

You two, totally complete our family... we love you dearly,

 Daddy, Mommy, Charlotte, Marley and Finn.

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