Saturday, October 05, 2019

When Two Turned Three

I always forget how shortly... quickly after Charlotte's birthday, we celebrate the twins' birthday. I remember when it was her 9th birthday, and I was pregnant with the twins, she requested for her birthday, that I NOT have the twins on her birthday (at that point, I was barely hanging on to reach full term and deliver them). She didn't want to share her birthday with them, and I'm so glad we get a couple of days to breathe between celebrating all the birthdays.

3... these two little girls, turned 3 this year. We are in survival mode most days... so the celebration isn't just about another year of life for these two, but also for another year of surviving twin hood. This year, their birthday fell on a Friday (which is actually a pretty busy day of the week for us)... thankfully, they're at an age, where we can push off celebrating for a day, and it won't make a difference. On Saturday we celebrated with cake after lunch and presents (the twins joined the scooter brigade with some helmets of their own), and made our way to a scarecrow/fall festival here in our town, to have some fun!

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