Monday, December 09, 2019

All Dolled Up

Lots of excitement, like every year, when the boxes (we only have 2 full of decorations) come out to decorate. Sometimes we have to wait a day or two to decorate, just because of our schedule... but not this year. As soon as the tree was in the house, we got straight to work. This was the first time in many, many, many years where we have been able to dress up our tree with ornaments and lights from the bottom all the way to the top. Can you believe it? We've finally hit the stage where the littles stop playing with all the ornaments and rather take in the sight. I never thought the day would come. We still are hiding our most precious ornaments (all the breakables are tucked away for a little bit longer), and we probably could use another strand or two of lights (our trees seem to be getting bigger and bigger each year), but I'd say she's a beaut. We dimmed the lights and gazed at her for quite awhile.

A list of things I'd like to remember:

- It feels like this was the year of the unicorn ornaments... all the girls got some version of unicorn. Marley's ballet cat unicorn, might be my favorite.

- Finn LOVES big foot/sasquatches... so his ornament was a snowy Big Foot.

- Mable calls the tree, "twitmas twee" and I smile each time she says, without correcting her.

- Jo is OBSESSED with knowing whose stockings are whose... and checks them every morning to see if anything is inside.

- Charlotte was delighted that I let her set up the entire mantle all by herself (without my help... Marley did insist on a few of the placements of bottle brush trees).

- Christmas music played, banana muffins eaten, and hot cocoa was sipped, and jokes were shared: "Why is the ornament obsessed with Christmas?"... "It's been hooked on trees it's whole life!"

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