Sunday, December 08, 2019

The Hunt of 2019

Every year, when December rolls in... so do the shortened days of sunlight, the cooler temps, and the rain. This season... always passes by at warp speed, and we so desperately want it to be a time of rest instead of hustle and bustle. I've learned over the years, to limit how much is on our plate leading up to it... but somehow every year, we still get a little overwhelmed. Finding our tree, the great big hunt... is one of my FAVORITE traditions. I love that the kids are at this age, where they remember "trees from past Christmas'" and how the hunts went. This year, will be the year that we won't forget, that Dad and Marley spied/found the tree before everyone else... that Mable and Jo wore the wrong shoes and kept getting poked by the tangled up blackberries, that Finn was more interested in throwing huge rocks into big puddles with Charlotte rather than hunt for the tree, and that we needed to pull out the portable froggy potty, because... we are DONE with diapers in this household (at least for during the day at least!), or the fact that Daddy still impresses me year after year by being able to lift that big ol' 10 foot tree off the ground like it's nothing.

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