Wednesday, June 05, 2013

34 weeks { bump }

Well, the finality of this pregnancy is starting to set in, even though I have a few more weeks until my due date... I'm just not sure if I'll go the full 40+. Everyone that sees me/talks to me, thinks that I'll deliver earlier... but I guess, when she's ready, she's ready. I had an appointment last week with my midwife, and she seems to think it might happen at the end of this month or early July... while she's on vacation! So, from now until then... I have appointments with the other midwives that are typically "on call" so that I can get to know them a little better, just in case. Going into my 35th week... I'm up 25 lbs (not too bad I guess, but seriously folks... it's alllllll belly), still having to take my glucose test, and pretty low blood pressure. I haven't had energy in the last week a bit, and I definitely feel myself waddling everywhere these days. According to my midwife, baby girl is "in position" pretty much.. and every day I wake up, I feel so bruised all over my belly from all the stretching that's going on from her growing. She still rolls around a lot, and she hiccups ALL THE TIME.

I'm starting to get a little nervous over the whole labor/delivery aspect of this pregnancy, but I suppose it's normal, especially since it's my first one. There's just so much uncertainty... but I am resting in the certainty that... she has to come out. point blank. she can't stay anymore... so, she'll be coming out one way or another. She can't stay in forever... and my body was born for this.

Pray for my nerves though... it's normal, is my guess... but with a hubby who flies, I get scared that I'll be delivering all by myself, or that he could be stuck in a different state because of a storm, etc.

I recently purchased this sweet little print... fell in love with it, the moment I laid eyes on it, and KNEW it was going to be going in her future "nursery"... so I guess you can say, I've started the nesting process of creating a little space for her. Though, she won't be in it for awhile (I have a little sleeper that attaches to our bed for the first few months). I've picked up a couple of other prints and fun things to decorate her room... and even ordered my carseat (that should be arriving any day)... we plan to make one last trip down to Dallas, to get the rest of the goodies from the IKEA and then will come some serious decorating crunch time, hopefully all done before she arrives.

Cravings: ice... ice... and more ice. I love ice in my drink, and munch on it before I even get all of my drink down. Since it was my birthday this past weekend, I did indulge in the free Starbucks birthday drink and ordered myself a tazo tea lemonade... it was scrumptious. I think my body is preparing for delivery/labor... because I want to eat a lot of protein too.

Turn Offs: none what so ever.

Daddy's thoughts on the pregnancy thus far: " I'm so proud that my wife, the preggo, has FINALLY started taking advantage of her preggo self. Using her belly to get things done." " It's been really nice to feel my little girl move- happy that she's not as shy around Daddy as she usually is."

Charlotte's thoughts on the pregnancy thus far: "My sister is going to cry... a lot. Yeah, she's not going to be happy when Mommy says ' No!' and she's going to cry..." " I'm going to rock my sister, and sing to her Pocahontas' song."
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  1. I just had my first a week ago. I totally understand your nerves! I had to be induced and had no idea what to expect. Just listen to your body. Seeing that little person at the end of all that hard work is absolutely worth it! It's an amazing process and seeing what your body can handle is crazy. Prayers being said for you and your little bundle as well as your family!

  2. Have you considered hiring a doula? Even if your hubby is there, they are amazing and can support you through labour with breathing and massage. Best of all, they lower the chance of interventions like induction, c-section, etc - lots are volunteers, but even if you have to pay out of pocket, they are worth their weight in gold!

  3. I hope your hubby can be there with you! I'm sure you'll do great! I know it's scary because it's the unknown, but I distinctly remember thinking right after my first, that I would do that all over again in a heartbeat to have another one. It's really not that bad and it's only a short period of time, relatively speaking. =)

  4. I'm sending thoughts and prayers your way for your nerves! You look amazing! Seriously, you are rocking that bump.

  5. Don't get too disappointed if you're not early. Literally everyone was telling me the same thing - "there's no way you'll make it to your due date!," but then I went a few days past. It was hard not to get frustrated as the days went on, given that I was mentally prepared to go early. And as for the nerves, just keep repeating the part you wrote about your body being built for this - knowing that God made my body to grow and deliver Anna was a huge help in my labor! You can do it!

  6. Make that trip to Ikea sooner rather than later. We couldn't decide about going down to DFW (from Enid) for Thanksgiving with Nathan's family when I was 36 weeks with Kate. She decided for us by making her arrival that Tuesday!
    I will be praying for you and I have no doubt that you will do great.

  7. Looking good, Momma! and I love that print! I'm getting into the nesting phase too and can't wait to see photos of your space.

  8. You look amazing! I was up at least 30lbs at this point in my pregnancy. (I just found your blog through Beth, saw you on the sidebar). I have to say I was super duper nervous about labor and delivery. I use to think I would adopt because i was so afraid of it. I know that everybody's experience is different but I sort of LOVED the whole thing. Though full disclosure it is probably because I got and epidural when the going got tough. You will do great, and hopefully baby won't come when your husband is out of town!!