Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Dear Marley (2 Month)

Dear Marley Wren,

2 months... you've been in this world for 2 months... I think we're going to see a theme in these monthly letters, and that's that time surely does pass by quickly. That little newborn part of you, is slowly fading away... and being replaced by a sweet little baby girl who is already FULL of plenty of personality.

In this past month, you've developed quite a routine, all on your own. I kid you not... We didn't do much, but just listened to your needs/demands... and made them happen. On the eve of your 7 week mark, you slept the entire night through for us. We cannot tell you how THANKFUL we are to you for that... and for all of the nights you've given to us since. In the last 2 weeks since that first full nights sleep, there's only been 1 night that you had a "rough patch"... but, you gave us between 7-10 hours for all the others. Seriously, girl... you're a sleeping rockstar. We're so happy that you enjoy it as much as we do... we knew you would. Now, if you can just share that little tid bit with your sister, and try and get her to sleep in, in the mornings, that would be great.

Back to the routine... You typically wake around 6 am or 7 am most mornings, looking to be fed, diaper changed, and will chat for 45 minutes. Between 8 and 9 am, you're ready for a little nap again. By little... I mean 20-40 minute snooze at best. When you wake this time around... you're awake and fresh and ready for tummy time, play time, cuddles with Mommy or just hanging out and watching your sister do her schoolwork. This usually goes on for at least 2 hours, and by 10:30-11, you're ready to be fed, diaper changed, and put down for another nap. This nap however, is your long one for the day. Even if we're out and about, you're asleep for us. Typically until 3 or 4:30. Sometimes you wake up for a little, and peek around... but then you're always back asleep at some point. Usually when you wake from this nap, you're ready to be fed, diaper changed, and then ready for some more interaction... or you like to watch Mommy prep dinner. This is usually the time that your sister, Charlotte, entertains you. Today for instance, she serenaded you with her guitar... you sure did love it. You coo'd the entire time, and gave her plenty of smiles. Thanks for cheering her on... she sure does appreciate a good audience. After dinner, you usually like to soothe yourself into another 20-40 minute napper... which allows us the time to get your sister ready for bed and dinner dishes cleaned up. Once you wake, you're ready to be fed again, and sometimes even sleep for another 20-40 minutes. Depending on the night, around 8 o'clock you're ready for your bath. you.love.water. Seriously, you couldn't smile bigger, every time you hear that sink water go on. The excitement in your eyes as I de-robe you... oh how you love to just have some nakie time before going in the water. We usually splash for about 20 minutes. You don't cry until we take you out... that's how we know you're totally a fish. After getting you all snuggled up in your jammies, you're ready to be fed... as soon as you're done (burp and all), we immediately swaddle you (no kidding, when we swaddle you, you coo a sigh of relief, and even put your arms down for us, into position ready to be snuggled), and stick that pacifier in your mouth. We rock you, and you fall right asleep. Usually you're asleep by 9.... but you're flexible... other nights it's closer to 10... oh how we love the routine you've created. We'll take it, and hope that you'll eventually figure out a longer nap in the morning, and a longer nap in the afternoon... The best part... is that even when we're out, your routine is pretty much standard. You'll sleep in your carseat, or in the wrap (you really like to be wrapped), or even in our arms... you hardly ever stray from this routine.

You are loving your tummy time... but even more so, when Charlotte joins you. You'll raise your head as high as it will go, whenever she's around. You listen out for her voice, and turn it in all directions, until you've made visual contact. You adore that sister of yours... and we can't wait to see this relationship between you and her, develop. She was a little unsure of you at first... but now, she's all about you. She's especially interested in you during your diaper changings. She's extremely curious on whether or not you've made a bowel movement. She's always there to help pass a wipe, and we hardly ever have to dispose of your diapers in the garbage can, because Charlotte is always right on top of it. That sister of yours, she's quite the helper. We pray that she helps you throughout life, always.

We see the doctor this week, so we'll have an update with your stats on it soon... but we're guessing you've grown quite a bit. You're filling in pretty nicely, and we love ticking and smooching your sweet little rolls. There's nothing better than blurping your belly... and looking up and seeing your smile. You think we're funny... and we'll take it. Anything to see your smile.

Oh how you have changed our lives sweet girl... You fit so perfectly into the puzzle that is our family...

We love you,
Daddy, Mommy, and Charlotte

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  1. She's gorgeous Karen! And you are very lucky with a baby that sleps so well! I especially love the bottom pic. Xoxo

  2. So bright eyed, what a lil beaut!

  3. She is beautiful! I love those blue eyes.
    Sending blessings to you and your family.